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“Shut up!” Jordan screamed.  The noise was breaking his concentration as he sat at his comically small desk. Jordan was a husky man of about six feet and 240 pounds … Continue reading

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  “I ain’t like you.”  Randy mumbled the words across the table.  “I can’t just be happy and carefree.” Sam merely stared back. “I don’t think I can keep this … Continue reading

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He Sat There, Defeated.

The building towered above him as he sat, defeated, on the sidewalk. He looked at its foreboding, wooden doors as they mocked his weak, malnourished body. Never once did it … Continue reading

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Mr. Pine

John’s head hit the concrete with tremendous force. Had he not been beaten so severely he may have realized the extent of the pain caused by the fall. He watched … Continue reading

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The sun began it’s descent behind the large elms that lined Paul’s quiet neighbourhood. He stood on the sidewalk, watching it disappear. The cool chill of the evening penetrated his … Continue reading

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The sun shown in through the window, piercing the ancient dust that inhabited the space between the panes. Chris sat still, basking in the warmth that filled the small room … Continue reading

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The Building

I say unto you, and all who can hear; I called down, but you would not come near. I warned of plagues and wars and fear. Though you walked on … Continue reading

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