A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

The Wall


Paul sized up his surroundings as he picked himself of the cold, damp floor. Where the hell did this damn fence come from?! Slowly he rose to his feet, gingerly holding the fence for balance. Where the hell am I? Nothing was familiar and the deathly silence pierced through his pounding headache. Paul paced quickly to and fro, becoming more frantic with each pass. I must figure out what I am doing here! I’m lost…I’m…. Paul turned slowly around feeling a gentle finger of sunlight on his shoulder. A way out? Paul gazed at the ray of light, fighting off the glare to see a partially open door just past the far end of the fence. Paul recklessly sprinted to the origin of his hope, smashing violently into the tall, cold fence. Paul shook it wildly, screaming in frustration. Why am I here???!!

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