A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

The Wall (continued)


Why am I here?…..

The words seemed to reverberate through the cold, still air. Paul tried to backtrack to solve the mystery. For the life of him he could not recall a single event from the last 48 hours. He paused, every hair on his body seemed to be standing on edge as if some ghostly being had grabbed hold of his soul. Who’s there? Paul spun wildly trying to see who, or what, was stalking him. Hello? Can you help me out of here? The fence is tall and topped with barbed wire so I can’t climb over! Silence. Paul’s shoulders slumped in defeat and he stared helplessly at the partially open door just inches from the fence. He lay on the damp ground and stared intently at the empty space above him.

Paul started, awakened by the sound of slow, soft footsteps coming from very close by. He stumbled to his feet and surveyed his surroundings. Hello, I heard your screams. What is it you need?

Bewildered, Paul exclaimed, Isn’t it obvious??! I’m stuck in this cage and I don’t have the faintest idea as to how I got here! Which circle of hell have I appeared? Paul’s crazed eyes stared at the dark silhouette through the fence. The man stood silent as though pondering what do do next. I have a ladder, but would only reach a third of the way.

A lot of bloody good that is! Paul was furious. What the Hell is this guy on??? A third of the way…ha! Paul turned his back and cursed. The man still did not move.

Ho there! Another voice interrupted the crisp silence. I see you have landed yourself in quite the predicament! The voice was gruff yet good natured and came from maybe 100 yards from where Paul stood. Paul made out a larger silhouette moving towards the first. He seems to be stuck and has no recollection as to how he got here the first man explained. I have a ladder, but it doesn’t reach high enough.

The barbed wire will tear me apart if I climb and I can’t find any weakness in the chain link. Paul added.

It’s been many years since anyone has appeared where you are! the larger man said almost jokingly. No sir, I don’t think so.

Where am I? Sheepishly Paul inquired. He could make out the scruffy beard on the larger man and the light reflected playfully off his bright eyes. The sight of him calmed Paul and he felt a welcomed feeling of warmth as more sunlight burned through the doorway…

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