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The Wall (the ending)


The warm feeling didn’t linger for long. The bearded fellow’s demeanour quickly changes from jolly to serious in the blink of an eye. I fear you have come to a place you do not belong.

Paul was suddenly struck with fear. Frozen in place, he focused a blank gaze on the man trying to grasp what had just happened. He tried to read the man’s eyes, but the iron clad stare gave away nothing. Paul could feel the panic growing inside as he looked from man to man and from fence to door. The scene seemed to spin around and around and Paul lost control and let loose a cry so forlorn that even the unwavering eyes of the men outside the fence twitched for a whisper of a moment. Where am I Paul managed to ask, though sheepishly and with the trembling of a child recovering from a fit.

You are where men come to, but do not belong. Stated the skinny man with the ladder that was too short.

You are where you should not be, but where you shall be consumed. said the bearded man in such a way that Paul felt his soul turn to ash.

But….but why am I here? How can this be, I can’t…..I can’t change this…can I? Paul was shaking the fence, desperately trying to reach the open door on the other side. The sunlight was growing dim and the two men turned and solemnly walked into the dark. As they left he heard one of them say, You wanted what you couldn’t have, you threw away what was yours, and now you will die more lonely than before.

Paul shut his eyes and waited. He waited for something, when all there was left was nothing. He slowly faded, alone, cold and empty handed.

the end

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