A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

A Midsummer (continued)


Alex held up a copy of the Times, proudly reading his latest published work. It was a simple piece about a quiet place he used to go to write while in high school. Back then it was protected under federal law against resource development as it was a part of a National Park. While trying to find inspiration for his next article he took a trip to this place. As he drove past the park entrance he was horrified to see row upon row of metal buildings, stacks of pallets and giant silos filled with Oil.

That bloody light! Alex heard himself scream as he awoke. He found himself freed from the cold metal chair, but struggled to get up out of it. The time he spent unmoving had weakened his legs and effected his balance. He soon became fatigued from his efforts and stumbled onto his knees on the floor. The room span and bright dots rotated in his field of vision. Alex shut his eyes, What is happening?

He opened his eyes and saw the plain, brown shoes of his tormentor. How does your new freedom feel? Good? He allowed a laugh escape. Freedom is relative. I hope you can appreciate the lesson here. People are happy not caring, they carry on, happy with the illusion of freedom. You see, they believe they are free because they can vote every few years and in turn change the direction of the country. We have parties to elect with different ideology and different membership. Sound democratic, doesn’t it? He laughed heartily and clapped Alex on the back, knocking him to the cold, hard ground. The truth is that each party answers to the same leader and, no, it is not “the people”. You complicated things with your piece in the Times. You see, we rely on partisan politics. We need people to disagree on mere partisan differences. That’s what makes the world go round! Then you write that fluff about losing your “wonderful” park to progress and urged people to think long and hard about priorities. People started asking questions, Alex. They started seeing the world in a non-partisan light. They started caring about the big picture. We can’t have that. He kicked Alex in the stomach and shoved him to the ground. The bright dots were back and he puked on the floor. He was exhausted and watched the room spin as he faded out of consciousness.

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