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A Midsummer (This is the end…)


It had been days since Alex heard the voice. Every morning (or what he assumed was morning based on the angle of the rays of light sneaking through the rivet holes) the plate of food was there, always warm and always delicious. The routine was simple; wake up, eat, stare into the darkness until he succumbed to sleep. He had started to long for the voice to be heard on the loud speaker. He missed the frankness and intelligence and he felt a strange respect and fear of him. Hello, Sir? Alex managed to squeak out. He cowered, realizing what he’d done. His eyes darted from one side to the other, expecting to be punished.

Yes, Alex? Alex started. He was back! Oh the horrible, terrifying relief that voice brought to him.

What happens now? Will you kill me soon?

Oh heavens no! We are in the business of governing, not killing! I thought you understood your predicament. I fear I may have overestimated your intellect.

Alex was puzzled. Then I am kept alive here like a rat in a lab? What use am I to you here?

Oh you are more useful than you know! You see after we arrested you, the news programs reported that you were responsible for many acts of terror that occurred that same day. Certain people committed these acts in the name of security and we let them have your name. The media ran with it and now the people are back living in fear and obediently doing as we say.

Then why do you still need me? You obtained your goal.

obviously we can’t let you go and risk having you putting ideas in people’s head. We are not in the business of executing, that’s for far more barbaric of governments. We merely planted a seed and allowed the hatred for you to grow in the hearts of our citizens.

Alex heard a rumbling in the distance. It was different than the trains that periodically drove past. As it grew closer he heard voices in the rumbling. It was people! They were growing closer by the minute and a new terror gripped him.

Remember the place you came when you were younger? Well, the news outlets put two and two together and figured out your next target.

Alex stood silently still as the crowd got closer. He tried to figure out a way out, but could not form an idea. There was banging on the door and screams of anger.

It was a pleasure, dearest Alex. It is a shame to lose such a bright mind.

Alex heard a click as the door unlocked. Suddenly the room filled with light as the door sung open. He heard a loud pop and felt the hot sting of the bullet entering his chest. He fell to the floor and watched his crimson blood spill out. He looked towards the open door and out into the open field. As his life faded he thought of what this place once was and imagined he was there again.

the end

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