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Sam stared out the window, bored out of his mind as the teacher droned on about exponents or algorithms or some nerdy stuff that he could care less about. Exactly when will I need to know that garbage anyways? Sam was known as a derelict and a loser and he took a ironic pride in those labels. He was quick to take it to heart and prove those stereotypes right. He was getting failing grades across all subjects even if it was his second year taking the same tests. Sam was hanging by a thread, only a cuss word away from expulsion. As he peered out into the expanse of water he couldn’t help but imagine a place far away from here; a place where he was free.

Sam! Pay attention! Sam almost fell out of his seat. He had fallen asleep! He sat up as he wiped the drool from his chin and he turned his attention to the teacher who was now glaring at him, her hands on her hips as if the cliche would add to the burning stare she directed his way. Sorry. Sam replied.

Sam hated this place. He couldn’t stand the days spent strolling past the same shops, the same people, the same ignorance. He tried to escape the judgemental eyes of the townsfolk by enveloping himself in his imagination. What Sam didn’t know was that his imagination would be a powerful and amazing gift.

3 comments on “Wondrous

  1. S.R. Tooms
    October 28, 2013

    And what happens to Sam now!

    • How are you?....Good.
      October 28, 2013

      I haven’t figured that out yet. Haha.

      • S.R. Tooms
        October 28, 2013

        Ah yes, just as young Sam is, yet to be imagined! 😛

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