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One Picture, One Story

Last Call: The School House


Give me your strongest and cheapest grog! The door hadn’t even closed before I had uttered those words. I walked to my usual stool and took my place at the bar. I slammed my palm on the bar, leaving the money I had for the tender to see.I have this much. Give me what that’ll buy and leave me be.

The dark room seemed more solemn than usual, but it had been a rough day for me, so I really didn’t pay too much attention. My money had turned into a small bottle of some vile smelling vodka or something that was meant to be vodka. Bloody Hell! What on God’s green earth is this?! I managed to choke a third of the bottle down with the first gulp. A solitary tear formed in the corner of my eye while it burned down my throat. It was terrible stuff, but it did the trick. My troubles were soon forgotten as I told tales of which I wasn’t sure ever happened and even managed to talk some poor sap into buying me a round. What happened next is a thing of myth, or so I like to think. When I had my fill of booze I stumbled out into the cold, dark night looking for a good place to sleep it off. I fell into the street to see a set of headlights so bright you’d think they were those of Satan’s own chariot. Turn those damn things off! I managed to mumble as I tried to pull myself off the pavement. The horn sounded and the last I remember was weightlessness as I flew through the crisp night air and seeing the pavement moving far to quickly at me.

I awoke suddenly feeling as if I had been asleep for years. The cold, damp ground chilled me to my bones and the taste of blood in my mouth was a welcome change from the disgusting stuff I had at the bar. I realized that I had rolled into the ditch on the far side of the road. I could see the flickering neon sign for the bar, but I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Up the hill a short way was an old, abandoned school house that hadn’t been occupied in decades. That night there was a dim light coming from one of the windows and a silhouette that sat unmoving. Being as I had nowhere warm to sleep and the car that hit me was nowhere to be found I stood up, put weight on both legs to make sure nothing was broken and started to make my way up the small hill and to the schoolhouse.

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