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Last Call: Barrel of a Gun


What the Hell is your issue?! I was shocked more than anything as I pushed the rifle away from my face. I looked at the man behind the gun as I gathered myself and got to my feet.

The guy just stared at me. I tried to stare back but my hangover was too much and looked away. He turned and returned to the room where his briefcase stood. The little grey cat rubbed on my leg and immediately started purring. I knelt down and patted her on the head as I moved my way into the room. I stood unmoving for a few minutes and when the guy didn’t shoot me, I took a seat in one of the old desks. So, you buy this place? He nodded without turning to look at me. You gonna fix it up? He shrugged without turning his attention from the papers he had taken from his briefcase. You want one? He motioned to a bottle of beer on the table, There are some in that little fridge over there.

I rose from my seat and strode to the fridge. He tossed me an opener as I grabbed a bottle. Thanks! was all I could say as I walked to the table he was sitting at. I saw your unfortunate accident last night. I would have come down, but I saw you stand up and thought you were fine.

Nothing more than a scratch, I think. My fault for being a little too confident in my balance. I glanced at the paperwork in front of him, but couldn’t make out what it was. Phil is my name. I stretched out my hand towards him. Mine’s Paul. he took my hand and gave it a confident shake.

I looked about the room, but could not see the rifle anywhere. It’s ok, I put it away. He brought me a sandwich and we sat silently and ate.

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