A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

Last Call: Clarity


When I awoke it was still light out, but I felt as if I had slept long and slept deeply. I rubbed my eyes and realized quickly that I had no headache. I couldn’t seem to recall the last time I woke up with the ability to look out upon the sun drenched expanse without excruciating pain caused by the light. I walked into the other room and found Paul lying on the floor with a blanket over top. Why didn’t you wake me and kick me on the floor? It’s your place! He stared up at me from his spot on the floor and smiled.

You were sleeping like a little baby, I couldn’t get myself to wake you. You must have slept 16 hours!

I looked out the window and realized that I had slept through the afternoon, the night and the morning! I guess I was more tired than I thought! Thank you for letting me use your cot, seems I really needed some rest. I feel much better now, I guess I can leave you be now. I turned to leave, but Paul stood up quickly and grabbed my shoulder.

I was hoping we could talk about that. I know that you have no place to call home and I can’t handle bringing this place up to snuff on my own. I guess what I’m asking is, would you mind staying on for a while?

I looked at him with an air of caution. What could he want from me? No one asks a stranger to live with him; especially not one who you met when he was snooping around your home. He looked back at me rather matter of fact like and I couldn’t think of any other options so I nodded and sat down, gazing out into the distance.

The grey cat was pawing frantically at the door so I opened it to let it out. He ran straight for the wood pile at the side of the house. He was meowing incredibly loudly, so I put my shoes on to investigate. As I rounded the corner I smelt the rank scent of death. I pinched my nose and moved in for a closer look. The hindquarters of an old raccoon were visible and the cat was pacing frantically by the lifeless tail, pawing at it with every pass. That damn cat had quite the loud voice and I really wanted to kick him at that moment. Must have died over night Paul’s voice startled me and I half jumped up to my feet. I slowly made my way to my feet trying to mask the start he had given me. I looked his way and he let out a nasally giggle to let me know he saw.

What do we do with this? Call animal control? I inquired, trying to not sound too stupid. I knew full well animal control would not do anything to help, I was just trying to move the focus off me jumping like I did.

I’ll get a couple garbage bags and we’ll just double bag it and put it out with the trash. I think they pick it up tomorrow.

He hurried into the house and soon returned with black garbage bags in tow. Carefully we placed the stiff little body into the bags. I tied it shut, slung it over my shoulder and made my way to the trash can. I dropped the dead animal inside, closed the lid and walked back inside. See, we make a great team! Paul slapped me on the shoulder and handed me a beer.

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