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One Picture, One Story

Last Call: A New Turn


We drank our beer in silence. I still was a little weary of Paul’s intentions. He seemed to know I was apprehensive and he turned to me and smiled Don’t worry, man. It isn’t as random as you think.

I walked to the fridge to grab a couple more beer. How’s that?

Well, Phil, I came across a large sum of money out of no talent on my part. I don’t have any real skill, you see. I have work hard labour jobs my whole working life and now because of some fluke I have more than enough money to never work again. I thought that I should use my new found wealth to help someone or do something good.

Wait, so you have money? I looked at his worn out clothes and empty cupboards. Your table is just a plastic patio one!

Paul chuckled. All in good time. I was too busy buying this place. Haven’t even been to the grocery store.

You had time for the beer store? I was intrigued, but not quite buying it yet.

Priorities, Phil, priorities! He let out a nasally chuckle. I have finally finished all the legal junk. Do you know how much paperwork they make you sign? Anyway, let’s go get some food, I’m sick of eating old pizza.

He grabbed a set of keys from the counter and motioned to the door. I took the hint and went outside. I watched as he locked the door and followed him around the house. All I saw was dirt road, winding its way, eventually, to town. How are we going to get it back here? That’s a long walk!

I heard him chuckle behind me. I spun around quickly to see a brand new, small SUV. Nice!

I know, Right? Hop in!

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