A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

Last Call: Sustenance!


We drove past rows of century old houses while we made our way to the nearest grocer. The Elms towered overhead creating a vast, green tunnel and the winding road seemed to lull me to sleep. Just as I dozed off, the car came to a stop and I tumbled back to consciousness. We’re here!

Paul jumped from the vehicle and waited for me to meander around the back. He motioned towards a small, local shop; the kind you see in those cheesy romantic comedies with the wooden produce bins out front with the on purpose messily written signs. I stopped and looked at him. That “too good to be true” feeling was rolling back into my mind. Just trust me, man! This place has the best produce and is completely invested in the community. Win, win, man! I shrugged my shoulders and followed him in.

We filled the large fridge to capacity with all the plenty we purchased. We sat at the table and snacked on an apple. These are amazing! I haven’t tasted an apple like this since…well never!

I know, right? That seemed to be his default answer. I found it quite funny, actually.

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