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Last Call: All For My Grog


The grey cat stared up at me as I put the card in my pocket. I knelt to pet him, but he took off before I got all the way down. My knees were sore from all the moving so it took me a painfully long time to get back up. I opened my bag to take out a hat (my hair was a disastrous mess) and out tumbled a metal flask. I picked it up quickly and slipped it into my pocket. I hadn’t been drunk in a couple days and my head was pounding. By now the cat had made his way back in the room and was rubbing against my leg. This is our little secret, I whispered. The cat looked up as if he’d understood. I continued to go through my meagre belongings to see what I had managed to grab when I was evicted. I didn’t find much more than some smelly old clothes and a multi-tool someone gave me years before. I let out a sigh and leaned against the wall. I’m going out to get some things. I should be back in a few hours. That clothes store is just a ten minute walk down the hill if you are feeling adventurous.

I nodded and waved as he went out the door. I listened as the SUV slowly drove away, the gravel crunching under the wheels. I peered out the window and watched until he was out of sight. When I was convinced he was gone I made my way to the kitchen and the cupboard above the fridge where the gin sat. Carefully I took it down, almost like I was trying not to wake someone. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the flask. I slowly poured the gin in and screwed on the cap. Before I placed the gin back I took a swig to get me going. I reached in my other pocket to make sure the gift card was there and I headed out the door.

The sun was shining and the breeze was light. I sat on the steps and took out my gin, I took a couple sips and stared at the gently rippling waters. I looked over at the bar and wondered if the tender had noticed my absence over the last few days. I took a bigger gulp and put the flask back in my pocket. It was a peaceful and quiet day and all I wanted to do was enjoy it. I took the flask from my pocket, glared at it and chucked it into the tall grass. You stole everything from me, you wet bastard! Tears filled my eyes and I covered my face. The only sounds were of me whimpering and a distant dog barking.

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