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Last Call: Clean Up


I wandered home enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and the comfortable shoes on my feet. The awkward encounter with the saleswoman a thing of the past for the moment. It seemed my luck was turning around and I didn’t want to ruin it.

I walked into the house to find the floor stripped right to the wood and all the furniture piled in the corner covered in plastic and dust. I peered into the kitchen to find Paul on his hands and knees stripping the remaining broken tile from the floor. Man, you don’t mess around, do you!

Paul chuckled and pulled himself to his feet. Dusting the dirt off his knees he turned and smiled at me. How was your shopping trip? She’s a cutie in there, eh? I felt my face redden as he shot a mischievous smirk.

Ya, she’s alright. What’s going on here?

Just redoing the floors. The hardwood is in decent shape, so I’m just going to refinish it and I’m going to get some new tile in here. He motioned with his head towards the kitchen. Shower’s working if you want to use it. I had an extra razor too.

I placed my bags on my bed and sat down on the end. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been clean from head to toe. The prospect of a shower was so exciting that I could hardly move. I gathered myself, undressed and started the shower. I stepped in and let the warmth of the water envelope me. I stood still, eyes closed, letting the water cascade over my skin. I rinsed the dirt from my matted hair and shaved the awkward stubble off my face. I emerged from the shower feeling like I had washed years of brokenness off of me. I dressed in my new clothes and looked in the mirror. I didn’t recognize the reflection and I felt damn good about it. I looked out the window to see darkness falling and I walked out the front door and watched the sun disappear.

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