A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story



Scuirus calculated his movements as he moved through the house. Carefully opening drawers and quietly pushing them in. He stopped suddenly at the stairs and looked sideways at the table, moving slowly towards it. Gotcha! he whispered and dover under the table, squeazing his little body further and further.  The lights flickered and the TV went blank.  A momentary struggle occurred and up he popped holding two very normal looking girls.  One was about 8 and the other was about 4.  They smiled at Sam as they stood innocently with their hands tucked behind their back.  You two are very naughty girls!  Do you know what kind of damage you could have caused?!

The two girls looked sheepishly at Scuirus, swaying to and fro and sang out We’re sorry, sir.  They were adorable and seemed so full of life, yet seemed to flicker like a hologram in one of those old sci-fi movies.  Sam stood awestruck while the squirrel-man lectured the flickering human-like children.  He scanned the room slowly to double check that he was still in his home and that the world wasn’t burning down around him.  The furniture was still in place and nothing was knocked about or askew.  He looked back at the trio of creatures that stood in his hallway and felt the floor fall from beneath him and saw the stars circling the room.  There were magnificent galaxies flying around his face and magestic lightshows exploding inside the walls.  He could see glimpses of what seemed to be a playground full of kids flickering behind it all and he felt as though he was weightless, but unmoving.  It was as though the world were transforming into something new.  He felt a faintness overcome him and he slipped from conciousness.

When Sam awoke he was laying on a park bench with the sounds of happy children filling the air.  He sat up feeling like he had just awoke from a long, restful sleep and took in the scene that was laid out before him.  He was in a childrens playground, surround by monkey bars, swingsets and unnaturally green grass.  Everything seemed to have an amplified hue to it, from the children all the way up to the bright, blue sky.  Where am I? Sam whispered to himself.  His eyes felt as though they were bulging from his skull as he tried to process the splendor that was before him.  Every sense was at it’s peak and every breath felt like ectacy, it all seemed like a wonderful dream and he was going to assume it was until it was proven otherwise to him.

We must keep him here!  He has seen our existence and it is too dangerous to release him!

No one back there would ever believe him!  It’s not like he’s known for his truth telling.

The voices were coming from a few metres down the path.  Sam looked in the direction and saw Scuirus conversing with another strange squirrel-like creature.  He would assume they were discussing his fate, but he didn’t care because he was convinced that he was merely caught in a vivid dream.

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