A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story



Sam stood up and immediately felt a rush of energy fill his body. He had never felt so full of life and excitement. I hope I never wake from this dream! He exclaimed so loud that it surprised even himself.

This is no dream. Sciurus’ voice was quiet and full of sympathy. You are in Nimble. You are in a different time and in a different galaxy.

Sam didn’t understand and stared, bewildered, at the squirrel being. He could not grasp the ideas that Sciurus was portraying. That’s impossible! Time travel? What is the punch line here?

I know that it is hard to understand and hopefully with time you will grow accustom to it, but for now you must trust me.

I heard you speaking to someone else earlier; is it true that I have to stay?

Yes. Sciurus replied after a thoughtful pause.

Sam was surprised at the feeling of relief that enveloped him as he heard the word. It was as if he were being welcomed back to a place he had lived before. It felt like he had come home. He had lost interest in the physics implications of how he got to when and where he was and now began to explore the wonderful place he had been transported to. He saw butterflies with heads that looked like horses, children that could transport themselves from one end of the field to the other in a fraction of a second, giant lion-like creatures with wings like those of an eagle and of course dozens of the squirrel-human creatures who seemed to be the governing body of this particular planet.

Come, come, we have much to discuss!

Sam followed. Full of hope and joy for he had found a place that his imagination had tried so hard to create. He followed, not knowing what awaited him in this wonderfully strange world.

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