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The clouds looked like candy as they whisked by in the breeze.  Sam was eager to hear all about this wonderful place and how long he could stay.  Would it be a week?  Two?  He was almost jumping with every step as he followed the peculiar creature through a lush field towards a small house at the other end.  Scuirus seemed more determined than usual while he scurried down the narrow pathway.  Sam could not believe his luck! “Just wait until I tell my friends about this place!” Scuirus shot him a disapproving look, but didn’t miss a single step.  The rodent-man slowed as he aproached the door to the small house; which seemed quite smaller up close than it had far away.  Sam ducked to get through the doorway and his head barely missed the ceiling when he stood up inside.  He took in the scene in miniscule abode, from the small chairs to the almost comically large books in the small book cases.  Scuirus motioned Sam to sit at a normal sized chair that somehow sat unnoticed to him when he walked in.  Taking his seat he turned to the creature and asked “What is this place?”

“It’s my home.”  Scuirus’ puzzled look made Sam uncomfortable.

“No, I mean this world.  Where am I?  This isn’t like anything I’ve witnessed back home!”

“This is Wondrous.  Not sure why we call it that, it’s damn boring here.  Everyday the same thing.  Watch the psychos and keep them from jumping through the Grid.”  Scuirus opened a small bottle and took a long sip before placing it on the table.

“This is an amazing world!  Everything is so vibrant and colourful here!  How can you find this boring?”

“When you’ve been here a year or two, you’ll change your tune.  Mark my words.”

“What do you mean ‘a year or two’?  When can I go back home?”


Sam laughed heartily, almost falling backwards from his chair.  He noticed that Scuirus was not sharing in his myrth and stopped abruptly.  “You’re serious.  I can’t leave?”

“No, you can’t leave.”

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