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One Picture, One Story


Sam felt his mouth fall open as he processed what Scuirus had told him. Forever?! He couldn’t believe his ears. Sciurus had gotten up from his chair and was emptying his bottle into his mouth. After smacking the bottom to make sure he had consumed every possible drop he walked into what seemed to be the kitchen area and began rummaging through the cupboards.

“Why must I stay?” The sheepish sound of his voice embarrassed Sam as he asked the question.

“You have seen far too much to be allowed back there. You could bring our whole world to an end if the wrong people found out.”

“But no one would believe me! I’m far from respected in my world.”

“Yes, I know.” Sciurus was now preparing some sort of nut and berry mix and putting it in two wooden bowls, “It’s not the people who won’t believe you that worries us, it’s those who already know of our existence, but have not made the jump through the grid. There are some who wish to destroy us.”

“I wouldn’t tell a soul.”

“You wouldn’t have to, they would know.”

Sam stared blankly at Scuirus trying to find a way to convince him. There has to be a way! Sciurus places a bowl in Sams lap and jumped in his chair with a bowl for himself. Sam was famished and began devouring the food quickly. The berries were the sweetest and most delicious he had ever tasted and the nuts were more filling and perfectly roasted than any other he had. When he found his bowl empty he could not eat another bite. He was perfectly full; not stuffed, but not wanting. The dinner was so wonderfully delightful that he had momentarily forgotten about his perdicament. As if startled awake from a dream, Sam snapped back to his present problem. “What can I do to get back? I can’t stay here forever! What about…” Sam trailed off as he tried to come up with a valid argument for his return to his normal reality.

“What about who? Your parents? They probably haven’t even noticed you’re not at home. You’re friends? Do you mean the ones that tease and bully you at school? I know it’s hard to hear, but you are better off here.” Scuirus didn’t look up from his bowl when he spoke.

Sam leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, fighting back the tears that were building up. Sam knew Sciurus was right.

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