A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story



Sam woke many hours later. It was dark, but Sciurus was diligently scribbling in a notebook aided by the light of a single candle. Sam lay motionless, waiting for his fogginess to pass and trying to gauge how long he had slept. His mouth was dry and his joints were sore, but he felt well rested and had no urge to return to his slumber. Finally he arose and stretched his aching muscles. “How long have I been sleeping?”

“Oh, I’d say a full day and a half. It’s about 5 in the morning right now, so your timing is good. How are you feeling? You sure had a ride on the drink!” Sciurus let out a obnoxiously high pitched laugh.

“Yes, thanks. I didn’t even drink that much!”

Sciurus just giggled and continued writing. Sam squinted in the darkness to find a chair to sit in, but the single candle only lit a small area on the desk Sciurus was working at. A dim light was showing through the curtains at the window so he made his way to the kitchen and looked out into the dim beginnings of the sunrise. He noticed a queer little rabbit like critter staring back at him, but when it noticed Sam looking back it scurried away into the morning shadows. He noticed some berries in a bowl and began picking through the fruit, slowly chewing while allowing the heavenly juices swirl in his mouth. “These berries are incredible!” He exclaimed.

“They are our staple here, you are not yet used to them so they don’t seem so bland I guess.”

“Bland?! Are you mad? These are the most flavourful fruit I have ever had!”


The rabbit-like creature was back and had ventured closer to the house, it’s human-like eyes seemed full of contempt and it’s movements were erratic, stopping every few seconds to look quickly around him as if he was afraid of being sighted. As the sun rose and it’s rays moved closer and closer, the Rabbit-being hopped slowly away and under a fallen tree. Sam was struck by the human-like qualities the creature had possessed and felt an uneasiness about what kind of place he had found himself. He turned to Sciurus who was now busy cleaning up his workspace and asked, “What is that rabbit-like creature I just saw out there?”

“What is a rabbit?” Sciurus had a puzzled look on his face, so Sam figured he wasn’t kidding about not knowing what it was.

“Well, it was small, had long ears and…”

“NO!” Sciurus interupted and scurried off into his study area and began flipping through books. Sam was dumbfounded and just stood there, mouth still half open as if he had been frozen mid-sentence. “No, no, no! This can’t be! No, no, no!” He found the book he was looking for and ran back to his desk, opening it to a sketch of the creature.

“That’s the one!” Sam said excitedly.

“No! They saw! They saw!” Sciurus was flailing his arms wildly.

“Who saw? What’s going on?”

Sciurus looked him directly in the eye, a profound seriousness had filled his face. “Our world is about to end. Those who I told you would believe you have found us and it is only a matter of time until they come to destroy us.”

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