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Sam was confused. Destruction of this world? A stinking rabbit was the sign of the end of their world? “What do you mean?”

Sciurus was frozen, head in hands, at his work station. His little eyes glazed and his chest rising and falling so fast it seemed it wasn’t moving at all. Sam moved closer and placed his hand on the small creature’s shoulder. “What is this thing?”

“He is a scout sent from your world to plan an attack and steal our grid jumping balls of energy that you humans call children.”

“Buy why would they want to destroy this?” Sam looked out the window at the beautiful trees and the golden sun.

“They want the ‘children’. If they take them our world would fall away and we would die off with it. I’m sure you remember the surging lights and the loss of reception in your home when those two managed to jump over and get out of my sight. It is their energy that holds this place together and it is their energy that can power your world for millions of years. There are people on your side of the Grid who would destroy these childrens’ lives to profit from their energy.”

“How do they know about this place?”

“There are some who can see these children, like yourself. Most of the time the only evidence of their existence on your side is a power surge here, a loss of reception there. Do you remember the black out a couple years back?”


“It was the same two that you saw at your place! They jumped across and started playing around your power station. Anyways, you are a rarity and can see them. These other people have the same gift that you have, but have only greed in their hearts. A lifetime ago one of them crossed over while chasing a child to enslave. We fought him and beat him back, but in the process he had gathered up all the, what you call “Rabbit” creatures and took them with him, vowing to send them back to scout before he would return and destroy us. I had the charge of spying on him over the years. He eventually grew old and died, but had passed his knowlege onto his grandson. He was very young at the time and he showed no interest in the notion of our existence until recently. After the price of Oil dropped and profits from his electric company began to deminish he began reading his grandfather’s stories of our children and how they could be exploited. He found the place where the stolen creatures had been kept (By a close friend of his grandfather and later by his son). He announced that he would plan an attack on our world and that they would help him. The problem was that he didn’t know how to cross over and the creatures didn’t know how to communicate with him. He has spent every waking minute since trying to track us down and it seems he has.”

“How can we stop him? We must warn the others!”

“It’s futile. We are small and can be overpowered quite easily. All he needs to do is jump over with something that can hold the grid open, like a large battery or something like that and the ‘Children’ would simply run through and boom, we’re done.”

“I can stand up to him!”

Sciurus looked long and hard at me. “Maybe we have hope, then.”

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