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There was a blanket of white that had covered the landscape while Sciurus was explaining their dire situation. They didn’t remember it coming from anywhere; it was as if it had materialized out of nowhere. Sciurus seemed to get agitated even further from this new development and he raced out the door, telling Sam to wait inside as he flew past him. The door slammed and Sam was left alone in the small, strange house with orders to not leave.

Sam looked around and spotted the book on the table and moved to it. He looked around to make sure no one was watching him and picked the book up and tip toed to the largest chair he could find. He quietly sat and flipped to the page with the picture of the rabbit creature. He studied it’s features, noticing the look of contempt in the eyes just like the one he had seen earlier. It was as if there was a feeling of desersion felt by the creatures towards the land of the Squirrel-creatures. He tried to read the symbols that followed the picture, but they were a foreign language of some sort and he gave up after a couple of minutes. He rose from the chair and dropped the book back on the table, watching the dust float up and dance in the rays of sunlight that came in through the dirty window. He followed the light to the window and looked out over the trees that were now covered by a snow-like substance that had sent Sciurus into the frenzy earlier. It was beautiful. Sam wondered how something so wonderful to look at could be the cause of such terror. He fought the urge to venture out into the fields and find out more about where he found himself. Deciding that he needed to keep safe he found the small bottle and took a small sip of the strange drink and let himself drift off into the wonderful world of dreams that the substance took him too.

Sam had drank considerably less than the first time and was awake and alert 2 or 3 hours later. He got up and walked right back to the window to see that the white substance was gone with no evidence that it had ever existed. Sciurus was not back yet and Sam was beginning to worry about him. He wrestled with himself over the prospect of venturing out to try to find him. At points he would be dead set on going only to second guess himself before he reached the door. So it went, back and forth, for the remainder of the day. As night fell, Sam realized that he would be alone for the night and began searching for a source of fire to light some candles so he could try to figure out his next move. He fumbled through drawers and tripped over various pieces of furniture until he finally found what looked like a lighter. He sparked the lighter and immediately a blue flame burst to life, dancing in the dark like an aparition. He squinted through the darkness to locate the nearest candle sitting on the kitchen counter. Unsure of how much fuel was left in the lighter he made a mental note of the pathway to the counter and put out the small flame. Extending his arm forward he slowly walked in the direction of the counter only to trip over something and fall violently to the ground. Sam groaned and tried to locate what had caused this painful turn of events, but the blackness was too thick. He reached in his pocket to find the lighter, but it was no longer there. He began feeling around the floor, crawling on his hands and knees until he felt the small metal case of the lighter. The sensation of the lighter in his hand filled him with a sense of relief which he lay on the floor and enjoyed for a a few seconds before sparking the lighter again. The soft, blue glow showed no sign of obstruction or anything that would have tripped him up. Sam sensed he was being watched and slowly turned until he was face to face with the little rabbit-like creature he had seen earlier. His heart jumped into his throat as he locked eyes with the beast. It was like looking into Hell; you could feel the hate pouring out of it’s soul. They both sat, staring at eachother until, casually, the creature blue out the flame.

2 comments on “Wondrous

  1. mewhoami
    December 10, 2013

    You are a brilliant writer. Now I’m left in suspense waiting for the next part of the story. 🙂 Also, I love the picture. That is beautiful.

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