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Sam was frozen with fear. The untamed hatred in those eyes had him feeling as though his very soul had been stolen and burnt to a crisp. The pitch black of the room brought Sam tumbling back to reality. He felt the cold metal lighter drop from his fingers and to the floor. He fumbled around the floor searching for the lighter. His panic rose with every second. He froze as he heard the sound of turning flint and the quiet rush of flame as the lighter came to life. He saw the light reflecting off the kitchen window. Slowly Sam turned and looked up to the flame. The light danced in the dark room, revealing a stern human face staring down at him. Sam scrambled to his feet and ran for the door, but something grabbed his leg and he stumbled and fell head long into a table. He pulled on his leg, trying to free it, catching a glimpse of the rabbit creatures as they surrounded him. “Don’t struggle, Sam.” The voice was deep and angry and Sam squinted into the darkness in an attempt to see past the contrasting light of the blue flame. “You were far more helpful than I could have dreamed, Sam.”

“What are you talking about? Who are you?”

The man chuckled heartily and turned on a powerful flashlight. “You know, for a world full of such pure and powerful energy, they sure are primitive in their technology.”

Sam blinked his eyes repeatedly, trying to adjust to the sudden illuminating light.

“What; the cat got your tongue? Or should I say, the rabbit got your tongue?”

The pain was blinding. Sam called out as his mouth filled with blood. He struck the rabbit like creature and sent it flying across the room, hearing the
rodent hit the floor across the room. The thing had bit his tongue and as Sam realized what had happened he leaped to his feet and stormed out the front door. He ran as fast as he could, not knowing where he was going or when he would stop. He heard the man’s terrible voice calling after him. His mocking tone echoing all around him. He continued to run even as his lungs screamed in agony and his calf muscles burned. In the distance he saw trees and beyond those the faint light of day break was beginning to show. He disregarded the pain and continued his sprint towards the woods, not once looking back at the man and his creatures.

One comment on “Wondrous

  1. mewhoami
    December 11, 2013

    That really brings to life the whole “cat’s got your tongue” cliche. It’s a relief knowing that the night is almost over. Nights are always creepy.

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