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One Picture, One Story



The walk to the school-house seemed to stretch on for hours. The man said nothing as they approached the door; only motioning for Sam to enter. Sam entered the school, noticing the well-kept wood floor and the seemingly endless supply of electrical wire poking out from various holes in the wall. It was rather curious that there were no lights on in a place that obviously had power, but Sam thought nothing of it; for now he made sure he did all that he was asked until he could figure out his next move. The man motioned for Sam to sit in a solitary wood chair in the middle of what seemed to be a classroom. As he sat, Sam noticed the absence of a chalk board and in its place a giant computer-like screen. The man walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, leaving Sam alone in the darkness with his thoughts. He heard the click of a lock and footsteps slowly fading into the distance. Sam sat unmoving for a great length of time, trying, albeit futilely, to grasp what had just happened. He traced the perimeter of the armrest with his finger as he came to grips with his mountainous problem he had before him. He had been caught by the man Sciurus had told him would destroy the world Sam found himself in and he was locked in a room with no clue as to where to go next. Sam stood and stretched his now aching joints and began to pace along one of the rooms outer walls and as he did so, he heard the sound of small creatures scurrying about, as if running for the cover of their hold in the wall. Suddenly he felt an immense pain in his ankle and was being pulled back towards the chair. An invisible force seemed to slam him back down on the chair. Light! Blinding, horrible light, filled the room. It was as if every surface was illuminated all at once. Sam had never witnessed such terrible light in his life and he squinted and tried to shade his eyes to see what was coming next. He saw small shadows jumping about and a couple broke off and slowly came his way. “What do you want from me?!” Sam screamed as loud as he could.

Suddenly the light dimmed and the screen showed the man standing in a different room, as if carefully studying a subject of an experiment. The man spoke in an even, almost robotic tone, “Please forgive my little monsters, they have been imprisoned for many years and are a tad grumpy.”

Sam sat motionless, staring at the screen awkwardly as he wasn’t really sure where he should look to show he was listening intently. His eyes darted from the corners of the screen and to the floor.

“Do not be afraid, I am not hear to hurt you or harm you in any way. I wasn’t sure where you stood in your knowledge of this world and I needed to take every precaution I could to not disturb my plans. When I saw you with that Slave-owner, Sciurus, I couldn’t be sure if you stood with him out of ignorance or because you were as despicable as he and his race of squirrel mutants.”

“What are you talking about? Slave-owners?” Sam was utterly dumbfounded at what the man was saying. He held up his hands in defeat as he muttered, “I don’t know what to believe.”

There was a click as the lock was released and the door slowly swung open and the man confidently strode into the room, carrying with him an ancient looking book; bigger than any book he had seen before. Sam was astonished as the Rabbit-creatures fell back slightly as he walked past, the hatred softening slightly as he moved past. Sam wondered, Who is this man, that even these hard, hate filled creatures seem to smile in his presence?

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