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One Picture, One Story



There was something familiar about the man; something Sam couldn’t place, but was relieved by it. The man walked to the far end of the room and leaned against the wall, staring as if looking through a window at some sort of beautiful landscape. There was something about this man, something magical, that Sam tried to nail down, but couldn’t. Sam studied his features; his small chin that seemed to disappear into his neck rather then difine it; his prominant nose with the round bulbous end; his steely blue eyes and his thinning hair. There was nothing marvelous about his appearance and nothing out of the ordinary about his atire, but still Sam could not shake the feeling that he somehow knew this man. The man turned his gaze to Sam. His eyes, though steely and confident, had a certain warmth and compassion to their stare. Sam returned the gaze, trying to seem as non-threatening and friendly as possible. He, frankly, had no real knowlege of the world he found himself in and as such could not base an educated opinion on the workings of it, so he hoped to portray that sentiment in his eye contact. The man smiled warmly and clapped Sam on the shoulder. “You have no idea about this place do you?”

Sam was relieved. The man knew where Sam stood and would not treat him as a threatening prisoner. Sam found himself allowing a small grin to appear on his face. “Follow me,” said the man, “I’ll show you around and fill you in on a few things along the way.” Sam received the extended hand of the man, who then helped him up out of the chair. He noticed that the weird rabbit things had a much softer look in their eyes now.

Sam found himself in a spacious hallway, lit brightly and warmly from floor to ceiling and from the ceiling too. He saw a shimer or a aura or a blur cross in the far end, reminicent of the two strange children that had appeared in his home. Oh, how Sam missed his home. He missed the dull school, he missed the dull harbour, he missed the dull routine. He wanted to return and forget about all of this. The blur now shot towards them and stopped abruptly, directly in front of the man. The blur now turned into two clearly visable girls; one 8ish and one 4ish. Sam could hardly contain his excitement! They were the very girls who had disrupted his life so suddenly! They had to know how to get him back home; they brought me here didn’t they? Noticing Sam’s enthusiasm, the man turned and spoke to Sam, “You recognize these two? Your excitement is hardly a secret.” The smile from the man seemed genuine and warm.

“They are the ones that inturupted my dull little life and brought me to this strange place. Are they able to take me home now?”

The man’s smiled disappeared and was replaced by a sad, little frown. “It isn’t safe for you to go back. Now that Sciurus knows you have seen this place, he will stop at nothing to destroy you if you go back. He can’t have his secret exposed to the world. This one or ours.”

Sam could feel the devestation fill his body. He leaned on the wall to keep from falling…

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