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“It’s getting late, let’s find you a place to sleep.”

The man had reappeared from behind the door after what must have been a couple hours.  Sam was thankful for the interlude and got up immediately and stretched his limbs.  The man stood like a tower before him still wearing the same warm expression that he seemed to always have.

“Can I ask your name, Sir?”

“Mr. Klein,” was the man’s reply.

That name!  It was so familiar to Sam.  He could not put his finger on it, but that name!  Sam nodded and continued alongside Mr. Klein.  He kept sneaking glances at the man trying despirately to remember why he was so familiar and why this place was so familiar.  Mr. Klein either didn’t notice or didn’t care that Sam was constantly peering at him and Sam wasn’t really that interested if Mr. Klein noticed anyways.  They continued walking, Sam peering and Mr. Klein unnoticing.

Eventually they arived at a plain white door marked “Storage”.  The man motioned for Sam to open the door.  Sam shot him a rather confused look.  “Storage?”

The man just smiled as if he found Sam’s confusion comical.  Sam rolled his eyes and turned the knob expecting to find brooms and old lightbulbs.  As the door swung open a rather different scene unfolded before him.  The room was massive and Sam knew something about massive rooms.  There was a giant bed that looked more inviting than any he had ever seen and he knew something about inviting beds!  There was a desk and a comfortable chair, a book shelf filled with books, a oversized couch, but no window.  “Wowwee!”

Mr. Klein chuckled at Sam’s response.  “You should find everything you need in here.  I will be by in the morning to check on you.  Good night, Sam.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Sam barely glanced back when the door clicked shut as he took in the amazing fortune he had found.  He ran over to the book shelf to see what sort of books were there.  Volume after volume of adventure and mystery and history.  Sam couldn’t believe it, it was as if they knew he would be coming.  He grabbed one of the history texts and walked over to the couch where he slouched back and began to read.

There is no written records of how Wondrous came to exist, nor is there any lore or myth that would point an outside historian into the right direction.  It is a seemingly small world, but has similar atributes of what you find on Terre Firme, or “Earth” as we like to call it….

Sam scrunched his nose and turned the book over.  There was no title, no author, just those two sentences followed by blank page after blank page.  He replaced the book in the shelf and took out another to find the same thing.  He wasn’t annoyed as much as he was confused.  Why would there be books with no words?  The couch was incredibly comfortable and very real and the bed was as heavenly as it looked, but the books; what was with the empty books?

He walked to the door; it was locked from the outside.


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