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Sam stopped and stared at the door, wondering what could possibly be going on. There was no panic, no ball in his chest; he just stood there, bewildered. After what seemed like hours he turned and walked slowly to the bed, allowing himself to fall, unimpeded, onto the mattress. He was too exhausted to worry about his situation any further. He crawled under the warm blanket and shut his eyes, hoping to drift peacefully to sleep. That damn light! Sam squeezed his eyelids together with what strength he had remaining, but could not shut out the light. It seemed to be emitting from every surface in the room. The walls, the ceiling, the floor and even the very bed in which he lay. He sat up and scanned the room for anything that resembled a switch, but could find nothing. It seemed the more aggravated he got, the brighter the light would get. He tried hiding under the blanked, but it did little to block the light and an overwhelming feeling of suffocation made that impossible.

“Please turn off the lights!” Sam yelled, hoping that someone, somewhere was listening and watching him. Hoping that someone would have an ounce of compassion for him and allow him to sleep. A hope that faded with the passing seconds.

Sam sat motionless; too tired to move. He strained to listen for any signs of movement outside the walls, but only heard the dull whir of a ventilation fan. His weariness only multiplied his hopelessness as he tried, unsuccessfully, to locate a switch again. There was a ball of fury gestating in his chest as the mere craziness of his situation became more and more apparent to him. It was as if all at once he was realizing the implications of what had happened to him. He was in a mysterious world that he couldn’t leave that was filled with balls of pure energy that resembled human children and there seemed to be the beginnings of a world war of sorts. It made less and less sense every time he thought about it. The fire inside grew and grew and Sam felt as if he may explode, but he didn’t. Something a little more peculiar happened: he was back in his home, on his couch, watching cartoons. The scene flickered back and forth and only for a few seconds. He began to panic as he looked down at his flickering hands. He tried to grab onto the couch and return to his home for good, but an overwhelming power kept dragging him back. Finally he crashed back to the bed and every light turned off. Sam lay there, confused and afraid, but his exhaustion won and he drifted off to sleep.

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