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One Picture, One Story



Sam slept soundly for hours, his energy drained to the point of empty. So soundly that he didn’t notice Mr. Klein come in and remove something from under the bed. He watched Sam sleep for a few seconds before leaving with the cube shaped item. Sam didn’t stir when all the lights turned on; didn’t blink when the walls shook and didn’t awake when the portal opened. The front door of his house was clearly visable and all he needed to do was get up and walk through, but he slept soundly completely unaware of the dramatics happening only feet from where he lay. The portal disappeared with a loud “whoosh” and Sam woke with a start. He jumped out of bed and ran to the door. He tried it again to no avail. It was still locked from outside. He looked around the room, everything was in the same place as before and still bright as Hell. Sam vaguely remembered seeing his living room the night before, but it was more like how one rememberes a dream so he put it out of his mind. He walked slowly to the bookshelf and began flipping through the books hoping to find one that was real. He found a smaller, ancient looking one with a single line writen on the middle page:

No one here can be trusted.  Get out!

The writing was familiar and the message unsettling.  Sam had come to the conclusion that there was no “good guy” in this place.  On the table lay a pencil, so Sam picked it up and began to write his own warning.  Suddenly he stopped.  Every single hair on his skinny, pale body stood up at once as he peered at the page.  The original line was written by him!  It was his writing, this was his book.  He had been here before.  He looked at his hands and swore they were flickering; there was a click and the door swung open.  Sciurus and Mr. Klein stepped through together, Mr. Klein was holding a bright white cube.  They both looked gravely at Sam as Sciurus opened one of the sides of the cube Mr. Klein carried.  Sam felt an invisible force drawing him towards the box, he fought and struggled against the force.  His body flickered and the lights grew brighter.

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