A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story

Dog Days


There were so many wonderful smells to be smelled even if the temperature was the kind only a polar bear enjoyed. She shivered as the wind ruffled her thinning fur along her back, but she happily sniffed and ran through the deep, white snow. She had no name that she knew of and was a little weary of these two-legged things with funny coverings on. Some weren’t too bad and offered her food and water once in a while, but there were some that would throw rocks at her or kick her. It was so confusing to her, but she just tried to avoid these beings as much as she could. She smelled food in the air and decided to investigate it further. The snow was blowing so she couldn’t see where it was coming from, but the scent was clear as day, so she followed it down the trail a little. She stopped, the smell had faded and she didn’t know where she was. The wind was blowing the snow into her eyes as she strained to see and smell to figure out where she was. The cold was unbearable, so she began to dig into the deep snow to try to gain some sort of shelter. She curled up in the hole and shut her eyes; there was no reason to use energy now. Her stomach grumbled, but eventually the exhaustion of having little to eat overcame her and she fell asleep.

When she woke she was totally covered in snow as the drifting snow had filled the hole she had dug. She poked her head up to assess her situation. The sun was coming up over the eastern horizon and the wind had disappeared, leaving a desert like look with the wind-lashed snow rippling like the dunes of the Sahara. She shook the snow from her matted fur and began sniffing the air for any familiar scents, but all she could smell was the aroma of something cooking. Having not eaten for a couple of days she decided to keep following the smell, taking brief breaks to sniff around any rabbit holes or trees. She was a young 4 years old, but the ravages of exposure made her look much older and much more intimidating. The snow was deep where she was walking so she had to jump with every step and it was draining her already low energy. The smell was getting stronger so she pushed on as the sun rose behind her in the crystal blue sky. Ice particles floated in the frozen air and the tips of her black fur were white with frost. She could see a small house in the distance with smoke slowly rising from its chimney. She found a sudden burst of energy at the sight and began to leap at full speed through the drifted snow. It took very little time to get to the building, but the door was closed and the smell was coming from the other side. By now she was desperate for food, so she began scratching at the door and barking as loudly as she could. Violently the door opened and before her towered the largest two-legged being she had ever encountered. She froze with fear, tucking her tail in as close to her body as she could. She shook, not from the cold, but from fear. She braced herself as he moved in closer, his giant hand falling down like a jack hammer. She urinated on his gigantic boot as she ready for what she was sure would be a killing blow. It didn’t come. Suddenly she felt her body lift off the ground and taken into the house. The warmth was more welcoming than she dreamed! The smell of cooking food filled her nostrils, but her fear was strong and she cowered on the floor before the giant. She saw the fire behind her and was sure she would be thrown into it, but the warmth it gave was too good to run away from. Again the man’s hand came down towards her, but this time there was food clenched within the fingers. It smelled of heaven, but she was too afraid to take it from him. The man dropped it in front of her and slowly moved away, quietly whispering “Good dog, go ahead and eat it. You are safe now.” She took the sweet potato in her mouth and devoured it as her hunger pangs were becoming more painful. Suddenly without her noticing his nearness, she felt his warm, rough hand petting her head. She looked up to see his soft, brown eyes looking at her and she knew this animal would be her friend.

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