A Picture a Day, Keeps the Something Something

One Picture, One Story



“I ain’t like you.”  Randy mumbled the words across the table.  “I can’t just be happy and carefree.”

Sam merely stared back.

“I don’t think I can keep this up,” Randy continued, “This farce of being ok with everything that’s been going on.”

Sam leaned back in her chair, but said nothing.

“Shit, will you say something?  Anything!”

“Nah, you’re doing enough talking for both of us.”

Randy shot her an angry glare as he settled himself in his chair.  “None of this means anything to you?  You can’t get yourself to put in a word?”

Sam smiled, “It is what it is.  None of this is my problem anyways.  I’m not responsible for your happiness.”

She took a final sip of her coffee, stood up slowly and walked out the door.

Randy sat silently for some time, allowing his drink to become lukewarm and eventually cold.  His mind stuck in a profound numbness as he allowed the gravity of his situation to sink in.  He played her words, “I’m leaving you,” over and over in his mind.  They seemed to echo off the walls and tear at his soul.  A loneliness filled his heart; a loneliness he felt was impossible.  Tears formed in his eyes, running slowly down his cheeks and finally dropping onto the white table top.  He sat; he cried; he sat some more.

Hours past.  The stars shone and disappeared.  The sun dipped and rose.  Randy still sat.  His stomach growled it’s displeasure as it realized it had been neglected for some time.  He finally stood, knees sore, and walked gingerly to the fridge where he grabbed a soft, bruised apple and ate it slowly.  The tears were back and the emotional exersion caused him to vomit what little food he had taken in.  He stared at the mess in the sink, distorted by the build up of tears in his eyes.  A lifetime gone.  He felt that loneliness return and he lay on the kitchen floor, watching his world seemingly spin away.

The phone rang.  It was her, it was Sam!  Randy ran to pick it up.  “Hello?”

“Hi, I’ve thought about it.  Maybe next week I’ll come home and we’ll work on it.”

“Ok, Ok!”  Randy was elated.  As he hung up the phone he felt his breath return to him and his tears turned to joy.  What a change in fortune this was!  He quickly cleaned up the mess that he had allowed to build up and prepared a meal for himself.  He hadn’t made a proper meal since she left.

The next day came and Randy had hardly slept.  His excitement had given him an energy he hadn’t felt in years.  His smile could not be taken from him.  The phone rang.  It was her.

“Randy, I’ve found something out.  I am much happier on my own.”


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